Why Does Norton Slow Down a Computer

Why Does Norton Slow Down a Computer

Are you looking for perfect security software to protect your system? Well, the answer is Norton antivirus. Norton has been doing wonders and is regarded as one of the most reliable antivirus software available in the market. Symantec Corporation introduced this software product, and it finds malware and viruses on your device with the help of signatures and heuristics. It has many enhanced features, such as phishing protection and e-mail spam filtering. But, at times, Norton antivirus may lead to a slow down of your system due to several reasons. Go through the blog and find out the causes as well as some troubleshooting steps you can use to get over this situation. Also, you have an alternate solution to contact Norton customer care and seek expert assistance from well-qualified professionals.


Reasons why Norton results in slow down of your computer:

  • Other Antivirus Programs: Norton antivirus program will probably start working slow when there is any other antivirus program installed on your device. These antivirus programs are designed in such a way that they start launching automatically when the computer starts. So if there is any other security program on your computer, both of them will start working automatically. It might lead to scanning and communication conflicts, and Norton will use a large amount of system memory.
  • Compatibility problems: Norton consists of different antivirus, spyware, and network intrusion detection tools. As these tools consume a large amount of system memory, it is necessary to install the software on a computer with enough system components to support them. If the user installs it on a less efficient system, the computer will slow down drastically because of the software’s high consumption of memory.
  • Virus Scans and Updates: When Norton starts scanning your system for viruses and malicious files, the speed of the browser decreases, and programs begin running slower. At the time of scanning, the software includes everything, such as downloaded files, registry, images, and system folders. Due to this, your system does not work as fast as it used to. Also, the program needs lots of memory to install the updates.

Solutions to overcome this slow down problem:

  • Check the system requirements: Before installing any of the Norton products, make sure that you check all the system requirements of the computer. It is advised that you should try to run virus scans during the night when you do not use your system. One can enable the ‘Auto’ option to launch and perform scans automatically. When you see that your computer is suitable for Norton, you can install updates to fix the consumption issues.
  • Run frequent disc cleanups: Sometimes, the slow performance of your computer can also be caused due to malicious files available on your computer or jammed hard drives, which have not been cleaned for a long time. To enhance the performance of your computer and to make the software run smoothly, you must run frequent disc cleanups to take away all the unnecessary things from your computer.

If your computer still does not work correctly, even after implementing the steps provided above, you can reach out to the experts at Norton helpline number and take help from them.


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